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Recruiting Competition 02/2018

The Regional Council Souss Massa organizes a recruiting competition on Sunday 24th June 2018 at the School of Trade and Management Agadir (ENCG).

Recruitment Advertisement for decision-making positions

The president of the Regional Council Souss Massa is informing publicly about the postponing of the exam of 5 categories of the recruitment competition under number umber 01/2017, that was originally scheduled on 9th November 2017 and postponed to a later date.

  • Ingénieur d'Etat premier grade Génie Civil
  • Ingénieur d'Etat premier grade Génie Informatique
  • Ingénieur d'Etat premier grade Architecture
  • Administrateur du Ministère de l'Intérieur
  • Rédacteur
The postponing concerns five positions from 18 job openings.
The postponing notice : 
Annonce du concours: