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As well as important driver of the economy in Souss Massa, agriculture is considered as a medium for the integration of the local community in the region. Also, the Souss Massa region has gained its place as the biggest producer of vegetables and citrus fruits with a GDP of 17,3% at the regional scale, and 9% at the national scale. The region boasts 451 165 hectares of cultivated farmland, 106 664 of which are equipped with drip irrigation.

The agricultural sector in the region has thrived remarkably under the operation Green Morocco Plan and has benefited from numerous structuring projects both upstream and downstream the value chain, notably the project to safeguard the El Guerdane area, the National Irrigation Water Saving Support Program as well as the promotion and labeling of local products, etc.

Furthermore, regional agricultural products are expected to develop substantially owing to the establishment and running of the Agropole Agadir, a project that aims to provide a well-established regional platform for food processing, marketing and distribution of agricultural products. Spreading over 75 hectares, Agropole will be an area of economic activity devoted to food processing, logistics and service zone and commercial and distribution platforms. Agropole will also accommodate a one-stop gateway center for businesses and individuals as well as a "Quality-pole" for research and control laboratories and a training center.