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The fishery sector provides real opportunities for the Souss Massa region. In this context, fishing, which has been part and parcel of the tradition of the local coastal areas has seen a new level of innovation and adjustment aiming at its modernization.

By virtue of its Atlantic coastline of 180km and its important marine biodiversity, the Souss Massa region ranks first in terms of landing sea products in value and third in terms of volume. Agadir has a large fishing port (54,046 tons) and 9 upgraded landing sites (PDA) with a value of 457,138 KMAD in Agadir and 21,5 between Imssouane, Imiouadar and Taghazout.

The region produces 36% of the national added value and accounts for 3.3% of the world market share. With a total of 170,000 direct jobs and 490,000 indirect jobs, the sector employs more than 3 million people living from fishing. These figures are expected to increase following the installation of Haliopolis, the first Halieutic pole in Morocco.

Overall, there are 465 coastal units, 216 offshore vessels and 1 450 artisanal fishing units employing 660 000 people for a regional GDP of 6% and 42% on a national level.

Haliopolis, The Halieutic Pole

Haliopolis, the Halieutic pole, is Morocco's leading business pole dedicated to the development of fish products. Stretching over 150 hectares, Haliopolis will gather different areas for industries, logistics activities, business services, veterinary services in addition to an area devoted to specialized personnel in mass catering, transport, etc.