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The Regional Council Souss Massa has set up seven standing committees in order to support its new regional perspectives; these committees are outlined as follows:
  1. Committee of Budget, Financial Affairs and Programming, chaired by M. Mohamed Bizrane,is in charge of all matters related to finance and budgetary management of the Council as stipulated in Articles 97 and 98 of Organic Law 111-14 governing the Regions, namely :
    • Drafting of budget;
    • Opening of special accounts and supplementary budgets;
    • Creation of Regional Development Agencies;
    • Carrying out cooperation actions for regional development;
    • Setting charges and fees collected by the region;
    • Acquisition, increase and moving funds;
    • Development of plans for management and investment related to the Regional Project Implementation Agency;
    • Management of all financial and economic files.
  2. Committee of training, Cooperation and Partnership, chaired by Mme Fatima Amzil, has the following main missions :
    • Creation of regional centers for training and continuous training;
    • Organization of continuous training sessions for members of Councils and local authorities of the Region;
    • Creation of regional centers for employment and skills development for the integration of young people into the labor market;
    • Conclude twinning and decentralized cooperation agreements with national and / or international communities;
    • Development of cooperation and partnership agreements with the public and private sector...
  3. Committee of regional development, chaired by M. Taib Lahssaini, works on aspects related to comprehensive regional development scheme, namely:
    • Spatial planning;
    • Sustainable and rural development;
    • Development, organization and back-up measures for the non-urban transport plan between regional communities;
    • Establishment of equipment and structuring public infrastructures...
  4. Committee of economic development, chaired by M. Mohamed Lâaboubi, responsible for economic development issues such as:
    • Businesses support fund;
    • Promotion of investment;
    • Creation of zones of handicraft activities and other occupations;
    • Promotion of regional wholesale markets;
    • Promotion of social economy and local products;
    • Revitalization and promotion of tourism industry...
  5. Committee of social development, chaired by M. Jamal Diwany, deals with all issues related to social development, including:
    • Upgrading and social rehabilitation;
    • Social welfare program;
    • Rehabilitation of medinas and old cities;
    • Promotion of social housing;
    • Contribution in issues related to health and education sectors...
  6. Committee of cultural development, chaired by M. Khalid Moktadir, which is in charge of the preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage:
    • Conservation and promotion of regional historical sites;
    • Organization and support of regional cultural, artistic and recreational festivals;
    • Valorization of the local cultural heritage;
    • Creation and management of cultural institutions;
    • Restoration of monuments, Kasbahs, ramparts...
  7. Committee of environmental development, chaired by M. Ahmed Boutguourine, responsible for ensuring sustainable development in the region such as:
    • Implementing a regional strategy dedicated to the economy of water and energy;
    • Supporting renewable energy initiatives;
    • Adopting policies to protect the region against floods;
    • Preserving natural resources and biodiversity;
    • Protecting the forest ecosystem;
    • Fighting against pollution and desertification...