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Regionalization in Morocco is an ongoing process that began in 1971 with the creation of regional economic advisory councils. In 1997, these regions became local communities that were granted decision-making power with varied devolved prerogatives and financial resources.
Currently, the region in Morocco is experiencing a historic moment in the process of territorial decentralization. According to the Organic Law 111-14 on regional organization, the regions were devolved real administrative and financial autonomy embodied by the transfer of the authorizing power of the Wali, representative of the central government appointed by the King, to the President as a legal person granting him the power to manage the affairs of the region within the limits set forth by applicable law and regulations.

In fact, the region is a territorial community governed by public law, endowed with legal personality, administrative and financial autonomy. It constitutes one of the levels of the decentralized territorial organization of the Kingdom based on advanced regionalization.
The Souss Massa Regional Council is composed of 57 members elected by direct universal suffrage following the legislative elections of September 4, 2015 and in accordance with the organic law n ° 59-11 relating to the election of members of local authorities. This Council is responsible for the management of the region’s internal affairs.
The main organs of the Council are the Bureau, the Standing Committees, the Secretary of the Council and his Deputy.