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13 June 2018

Meeting of the Committee of Budget and Finance

The Committee of Budget and Finance is holding its meeting on Wednesday 13 June 2018 at 10:30 AM at the headquarter of the Regional Council Souss Massa.

Agenda : 

  1. Study of the project for decommissioning certain credits from the investment budget;
  2. Study of the project of investment funds allocated to Regional Agency for Project Execution;
  3. Study of a project to request loans from the Communal Equipment Funds;
  4. Study of sanitation projects for the following rural communes : communes rurales d'Assaka et d'Imssouane; Belfaa and Machraâ Laâyne;
  5. Study of a draft partnership agreement on migration and development;
  6. Study of a draft agreement on employment support;
  7. Study of a draft agreement on the recovery of plastic waste in the region Souss Massa;
  8. Study of draft amendment to the partnership convention on rehabilitaion of regional hospitals;
  9. Study of a draft agreement on « La Maison des Arts » in Agadir;
  10. Study of a draft agreement on support to regional sport leagues (Hand-ball, Volley-ball, Basket-ball, Athletics);
  11. Study of draft agreements on electrification in rural areas under the terms of the long-term programme contract for the reduction of social and spatial disparities.